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Common Facility and Business Information Centre (CFBIC) inaugurated at Diyun under CSR Project‘OIL Jeevika’

The Common Facility and Business Information Centre (CFBIC), under Oil India Limited's CSR Project 'OIL Jeevika' was ceremoniously inaugurated on 20th June 2022 at Innao, Diyun, Dist- Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh by Shri Prasanta Borkakoty, Resident Chief Executive, OIL in the presence of Dr. Lalit Sharma, Director, IIE, and other officials from OIL & IIE and the people from the beneficiary villages. An exhibition displaying the products under the project was also put up at the venue. Apart from the construction of the CFBIC building, OIL has provided financial assistance for procurement of various machineries for processing & packaging along with two pickup vehicles for marketing of the products.

Shri Prasanta Borkakoty, RCE, OIL, in his inaugural speech reiterated that the OIL Jeevika project envisages to be the game changer for the local farmers, entrepreneurs from the region. The CFBIC that is being inaugurated today is aimed at facilitating state-of-the art production and processing facilities and will transform sustainable livelihood opportunities for the people of Diyun and connected regions of Arunachal Pradesh.

Also present on the occasion, Dr. Lalit Sharma, Director, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati, said that “We are confident that the CFBIC will create business opportunities for the farmers. Our next goal should be to create awareness in other parts of the country about this community clusterbased livelihood intervention and ensure that it turns out to be a sustainable business model in the future. The cluster model developed under OIL Jeevika will be placed among the best models developed in other regions” Dr. Sharma added.


Towards the end of the inauguration ceremony, a publication on project OIL Jeevika was released by the chief guest, Shri Prasanta Borkakoty, RCE, OIL in presence of Dr. Lalit Sharma, Director, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Shri Polash Gogoi, CGM(HR&A), OIL, Shri Debashis Bora, GM(PA), OIL, Dr. Sriparna Baruah, Head – CIE, IIE and other officials of OIL and IIE. This was followed by a brief tour of the centre by the dignitaries.

About the project:

Started in 2016-17 and implemented in association with Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati, Project ‘OIL Jeevika’ is a flagship award winning sustainable livelihood intervention of Oil India Limited. The project is North East India’s first induced community cluster based sustainable rural livelihood intervention which had enhanced the self-employment opportunities of around 400 households across 05 (five) villages of Diyun circle. ‘OIL Jeevika’ had extended handholding support to the local beneficiaries for generating alternate sources of income and formation of self-sustaining livelihood clusters.

Over the last five years, OIL’s Project has created immense visible socio-economic outcomes by enhancing skills and providing necessary backward and forward linkages in the economic activities of (a) Bee Keeping & Honey Processing (b) Mustard, Buckwheat & Local Pulses Processing. Also, value addition for processing, branding & marketing of various locally found crops, fruits & spices were carried out under ‘OIL Jeevika’ to make the clusters economically viable. The overall product basket includes Honey, Bee Wax, Mustard Oil, Mustard Cake, Buckwheat Flour, Green Gram, Ginger Powder, Turmeric Powder, Singpho Tea, Amla Powder, Banana Chips, Jackfruit Chips, Elephant Apple Powder, Black Pepper and Khamti Lahi Rice. These products have been catalogued under one brand named ‘HARBEST’; the launch of which was successfully done on 23.12.2021 at IIE Guwahati. 

The highlight of Project ‘OIL Jeevika’ is the setting up a CFBIC, thus providing further impetus to brand ‘HARBEST’ and the clusters. As per OIL Jeevika’s intervention methodology, the CFBIC will be run by the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) members, under KonsengHarbest Cooperative Society (which is a registered society formed by the local farmers). In addition to ‘OIL Jeevika’, the CFBIC in future will also create avenues for various other livelihood activities, thus, creating a sustainable source of income for the entire area of Diyun.

IIE OIL officials in front of the CFBIC at Diyun

Shri P Borkakaty RCE OIL and Dr Lalit Sharma and officials of IIE and OIl while releasing a book on the inauguration of the CFBIC at Diyun Arunachal Pradesh on 20 June 2022

Shri P Borkakaty RCE OIL and Dr Lalit Sharma while inaugurating the CFBIC at Diyun Arunachal Pradesh on 20 June 2022