Press Releases

International Women’s Day

TRIFED is celebrating International Women’s Day in collaboration with Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship on 8th March 2022. It’s a way of recognizing efforts to Women Achievers, who have made significant contribution for bringing change in their community. It is planned to recognize some of these selected Women Achievers by facilitating them with Citation or Certificates recognizing their efforts.  Tribal Artisans (Women) from all over North East were invited.

PMVDY – Assam beneficiaries were also invited to recognise their contributions to the production of minor forest produces under TRISSAM that have gained national recognition. Beneficiaries from Sonapur VDVKC, Katakipara VDVKC, Rangapara VDVKC (through VC), Rani Bahupara VDVKC were called for the meeting. The programme was anchored by Ms Sayanika Deka. The guest for the programme were Pamthing Keishing, Dy. Manager, TRIFED, Chandan Kumar Das, TRIFED, Mr. Lalit Sharma, Director, IIE, Mr. Prasanta Goswami, Faculty Member. IIE.

Mr. Prasanta Goswami, Faculty Member inaugurated the programme with some encouraging words on women empowerment. He spoke on completion of 230 programmes where approx. 4500 beneficiaries were women. He said that this is a very proud moment since most of beneficiaries in the programme were women, though it was for both man and women.

Mr. Lalit Sharma, Director, IIE made everyone realize by saying that women’s contribution should be recognized not just on this special occasion but every day. He believes that women are not behind as many people say as he has seen many women balancing home and work example In Uttarakhand many women are in papad making business but they are not in mainstream. There is only one area where their talent should be utilized more which is science and technology sector.

Mr. Pumthin Keishing, Dy. Manager, TRIFED said that 30 achievers were selected and 6 are present today. Many more will get this honour next time hopefully. He spoke on gender equality for sustainable tomorrow.

The achievers were felicitated with beautiful Eri Stole by Mr. Lalit Sharma, Director, IIE, Mr. Prasanta Goswami, Faculty Member. IIE, Pamthing Keishing, Dy. Manager, TRIFED, Chandan Kumar Das, TRIFED. The beneficiaries from PMVDY Assam who got this honour were Ms. Jayanti Rabha, Leader of Rani Bahupara VDVKC, Kamrup, Ms. Monomoti Muchahari, Leader of Katakipara VDVKC. Kamrup. Mughan Sukhia, Sonapur Topatoli VDVKC, Kamrup.

Mughan Sukhia, Sonapur Topatoli VDVKC, Kamrup spoke about her experience and her happiness to be connected with Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan Yojana. She said that she is very delighted to say that they could earn 3 lakhs by selling TRISSAM products. Ms. Mughan Sukia requested for the support from TRIFED in the future as well.