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IIE represents PMVDY Assam under the brand name TRISSAM at Aadi Mahotsav


The Aadi Mahotsav: Tribal Festival at Dilli Haat was inaugurated by Shri Sukhram Munda, the grandson of Birsa Munda and the Union Minister of Tribal Affairs Shri Arjun Munda, from November 16- 30 2021.It had the rich and diverse heritage of our tribes across the country as seen in their art, handicrafts, natural produce and delectable cuisine.

PMVDY- Assam has been very active and regular for this Festival. They had put up the stall last year as well (1st December, 2019 to 15th February, 2020).

This year the representatives from IIE who had put up the stall at Dilli Haat were Mr. Gauranga Boro and Mr. Mridul Saharia . PMVDY Assam under the brand name TRISSAM were also a part of the festival. Under TRISSAM the items displayed are as below:




All the items under TRISSAM had caught people’s attention and among them the items which got most prominence and sold at abundance were Joha Rice, Black, Sticky Rice, Tejpatta/Bay Leaf. Customers gave positive feedback or response for all the items. The customers even asked for product brochures so that they can continue giving orders in the future.




King Chilly chocolates from TRISSAM was launched by Union Minister of Tribal Affairs Shri Arjun Munda, MD TRIFED Pravir Krishna (IAS), Chairman TRIFED Ramsinh Rathwa. Pravir Krishna explained that we have an item called king chilli or bhut jolokia which is considered extremely hot.  It is so spicy that we cannot eat as raw item but when mixed with chocolate, it tastes delicious. He even said that everyone should buy as it’s quite unique and an item which people will relish.


Aadi Mahotsav at Dilli Haat- PMVDY Assam  Sale: Rs 155471