Press Releases

Guwahati, November 18, 2015: His Excellency Mr. Jorge Cardenas Robles, Ambassador of the Plurinational State of Bolivia visited the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati today. During his visit he had an interaction with citizen representatives, entrepreneurs, faculties, employees and students.

The first visit by any diplomat from Bolivia, his visit was to explore learning best practices and looking for possibilities of cooperation between Bolivia and North Eastern Region of India. He highlighted that sectors like mining, gas, contract farming, are some of the areas where Bolivia can be a partner of India. He mentioned that India and Bolivia enjoy a friendly and cordial relationship and moving in a path of growing cooperation in the changing economic development scenario.

Bolivia is one third of India’s landmass, but its population is only 10 million. It has a huge water resource, however its landlocked like NER due to severance its access to sea by Chile during war.

In commenting on other countries in the region, China has invested US$ 7.5 Bn in infrastructure, industry etc. India as the future growth engine of world economy needs to make its presence felt in Latin America, especiallt Bolivia which is abundant in LNG.He left the audience with a message to join hands and work together towards creating a holistic approach towards development. 

Mr. Manoj K Das, Director of IIE, made a presentation on the advantage NE states enjoys, alongwith the activities of IIE.