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Excellence Award by NBCFDC 



                 IIE Guwahati has been awarded with an Excellence Award by National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation (NBCFDC), New Delhi under CSR initiative on 11th January, 2019 at Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi. The award was received by Dr. Abhijit Sharma, Director & Sh. Jiten Ch. Kalita, AFM & A.O. i/c.

Rajamayong Village Development programme was implemented by the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE) Guwahati and sponsored by the NBCFDC, New Delhi under CSR initiative. 

Covering around 500 households in the area, the project aimed at enhancing the livelihood security and integrated development of the greater Rajamayong area.  IIE, with the support of NBCFDC carried out a series of initiatives and interventions ranging from social mobilization, livelihoods promotion to creating need-based basic infrastructure and amenities like drinking water, sanitation etc. The main activities of this project basically includes installation of 2000 litters capacity of RO Drinking water Plant per day, Construction of Public Toilet, Training programme on Water Hyacinth Handicraft product & providing Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) to the needy householders.

A Village Development Group was formed, which in turn gave rise to a Core Executive Committee for day to day management of the project. The project was headed by Sh. Jiten Ch. Kalita, AFM & A.O. i/c of IIE and coordinated by Sh. Mohan Das, Project officer, IIE who was amply supported by the other members of the NBCFDC team at IIE.

The RO drinking plant has turned out to be a self-sufficient unit with entrepreneurial opportunities to two entrepreneurs. It has also given direct employment to two technicians. It has brought change in behaviour in terms of drinking pure hygienic water with resultant health benefits. Villagers pay Re. 1/- per litre at source and entrepreneurs charge Rs. 2/- per litre for Home Delivery. Besides, the Institute also distributed Solar Lamps on its own at Rajamyong village during the 2017 to around 178 flood affected families at this phase. The local communities have been capacitated to use the local waste product, water hyacinth, and come up with beautiful products. 

All of this has led to an all-round development of the village in a sustainable manner. Hence the award. It is indeed a proud moment for IIE as well as Assam to have received this award of excellence at the national level.